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How to cook Arroz Caldo Recipe

Arroz Caldo Recipe

Learn to cook Arroz Caldo Arroz Caldo Recipe was inspired by the Chinese congee and the name was given by the Spaniards because of pronunciation issues? “Arroz caldo” is a mixture of Filipino flavors with Chinese and Spanish influence. It is best served during cold and rainy days most especially …

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Chicken Sotanghon Soup Recipe

chicken sotanghon soup recipe

Learn to cook Chicken Sotanghon Soup Chicken sotanghon soup Recipe is another variation of the famous and well-loved Filipino chicken noodle soup which usually uses egg noddles. Sotanghon is also known as cellophane noodles or Chinese vermicelli which is made from mung bean starch. It is also called Glass noodles because of …

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Ginataang Manok Recipe

Ginataang Manok recipe

Learn to cook Ginataang Manok The Filipino style is a variation of the local ginataang manok where the chicken is cooked in coconut milk. The only difference is, in cooking chicken curry we have added the curry powder plus the vegetable and other spices to make it flavorful. In most …

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