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Binignit Recipe


Learn to cook Binignit Cebuano’s Binignit: A Nutritious Pinoy Merienda Binignit, or benignit originated from Cebu province, it is the Cebuano version of ginataan or ginataang halo halo. Binignit is a warm root crop and fruit stew consisting of a thick mixture of tubers such as taro, purple yam, sweet …

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Chicken Sotanghon Soup Recipe

chicken sotanghon soup recipe

Learn to cook Chicken Sotanghon Soup Chicken sotanghon soup Recipe is another variation of the famous and well-loved Filipino chicken noodle soup which usually uses egg noddles. Sotanghon is also known as cellophane noodles or Chinese vermicelli which is made from mung bean starch. It is also called Glass noodles because of …

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Miswa at Patola Soup Recipe

Misua at Patola Soup Recipe

Learn to cook Miswa at Patola Soup Misua is an egg wheat noodles, commonly added on any kind of sauté vegetable soups. Try this Misua with Meat Balls and Patola Soup; it is a nutritious comforting soup, especially on a cool rainy day. Patola is also known as Luffa or …

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Kinilaw na Lukon Recipe

kinilaw na lukon

Learn to how to make Kinilaw na Lukon A super easy to prepare Filipino appetizer, “kinilaw na lukon” is an exotic delicacy in which the main ingredient is raw shrimp marinated in vinegar, pepper, chili, chopped onions, and coconut milk then served fresh without cooking. Kinilaw na Lukon Ingredients: 1 …

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Buko Ice Candy Recipe

buko ice candy recipe

Learn to how to make Buko Ice Candy Cooling down has never been this delicious with Buko Ice Candy! Many people are finding their own way to cool down their temperature. As a matter of fact, this Special Buko Ice Candy has become a hit and fantastic cooler. Not only …

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